"So let's start the full-scale war without leaving our comfy offroader!"

Crashsite Nicker (クラッシュ* ニック) more frequently known just as Crash, is the main protagonist of pretty much everything related to Nikkeruniverse.


  • His first name, Crashsite, is an indirect reference to one of the missions in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (the title of one of the GDI's missions where you had to defend the Scrin spaceship during the ion storm. If you wanna see how this word actually crawled into Nicker's name, use the save game feature, and on the place of savegame name, you'll see the title of the map you're currently playing at).
  • The Japanese pronunciation of his name is Kurashi Nikkeru, which is pretty similar to Kurashi Bandikku (Crash Bandicoot).
  • Another reference to Naughty Dog's creation may be seen on Crash's T-shirt in his Modern appearence, which is the paw from Naughty Dog logo itself.
  • In his Millenium design, meanwhile, he shares the same gloves as Sheerion.


  • "You just... never learn." (Crash's regular intro quote)
  • "No, I'm not going to do coop business with you... monkey. My head is already going to explode because of your friendies."
  • "Okay, you're done. Last wish?!" (Winpose)
  • Crash still stands in his stance, but suddenly make his eyes popped and stops bobbing. A while after that, his head goes a bit down, he facepalms and a pesky smirk on his face may be seen* Hah. (One more winpose)
  • "Shoujin, COME ON!" (During one of his Supers. Alternate meaning, with the translation of the word 'shoujin': 'Purifying, here we go!')
  • "Shin Kusatsu... STRI-I-I-I-I-IKE!!!" ... "Off you go." (His HDSM with the same name (no, not 'Off You Go'), with the word 'kusatsu' being pretty much bastardized version of 'bokusatsu', which somewhat means 'beating till they drop')